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What's New at Hook: HIPAA Training, Industry Specific Courses and more!

Parker Byrd

Here at Hook Security, we’ve spent the last few months expanding our training library, creating new courses, and adding new features to help you create a lasting security aware culture. Here is a look into what we’ve recently released and what’s to come!


For companies who must be HIPAA-compliant, we’ve released a new course specifically for your employees who handle patient data.

We partnered with Matterform to create an in-depth yet entertaining HIPAA training experience.

HIPAA Compliance Training gives employees a HIPAA introduction including how to recognize protected health information (PHI), proper uses and disclosures of PHI, how to keep PHI secure, and how to report a breach of PHI.

Check out a preview of this training below:

Industry Specific

While cybersecurity is relevant to all companies, there are some industries that face some unique cyber threats. From wire fraud in real estate to protecting student data in education, there are certain vulnerabilities that employees in these industries need to be aware of. That’s why we’ve released a new Best Practices series for specific industries!

The industries included are:

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Higher Education
  • Small Businesses
  • Law Firms

These are short courses that are a great bolt-on to standard security awareness training.

Slack Integration

Slackers rejoice! We’ve released Version 1 of our slack integration. If your company uses slack for company messaging instead of email, shouldn’t your training notifications live in there too?

Here’s what you can with our Slack connector:

  • Sync users to our platform directly from Slack
  • Deliver training enrollment notifications to your users’ slack
  • Get course completion reminders sent to slack

What else would you like to see added to our Slack integration? Let us know!

Events (Beta)

Events are a new feature in our platform that allow to create certain actions based on triggers to create some additional automations.

For example, you can set up an event to automatically email you a report each time a phishing campaign ends. We will be adding more events to this feature in the future as well.

New Hook Labs Videos

We’ve been hard at work curating some videos of the most popular phishing templates, courses, and workflows in our platform. Check one out below or head over to Hook Labs to view them all! 

Coming Soon

PCI Training

Our brand new PCI training module launches June 1st and is going to be a great addition to our library. For any companies who handle credit card data, this training will be essential to protecting their customers’ data and staying PCI-Compliant.

Privacy Awareness Training

In addition to security awareness training, we also see a need for privacy training. We will be rolling out some new courses, including GDPR, to help your employees understand when and how to protect sensitive data.


We are so excited for 2022 and what it will bring with both new training content and new platform features. Join along as we continue to set a new standard for security awareness training!

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