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Done-For-You Security Awareness Training

Hook Security provides effective Security Awareness Training that people actually want and enjoy

Done-For-You Training

We save you time and resources by delivering an end-to-end training experience to your customers.


We never compete directly with our partners and are 100% focused on their success.

Effective Training

We provide a new type of training experience that includes disarming videos in non-punitive approaches based on the latest neuroscience.

We solve the training industry problem.

It's estimated that in 2019 over $9 Billion was spent on security training. In the same timeframe, companies lost over $6 Trillion to cybercrime. It’s safe to say the existing training landscape has a problem

Lack of Specialization

Vendors rely on Partners and End Users who aren’t specialists to deliver security training effectively.

Channel Conflicts

Most vendors sell direct and through the channel, often creating conflicts with partners.

Legacy Training

Nearly all training on the market today is based on an outdated educational model from the early 2000’s; ignoring the latest in educational research.

We create training that people love.

  • PsySec: A New Way to Train

    Psychological Security, or PsySec, is an evolution of the security industry that recognizes humans as distinctly different from systems, and therefore, uniquely NOT InfoSec, Information Security.

  • Partner-Centric Training

    Hook Security delivers a done-for-you training experience so you can reduce risk and create lasting relationships with your customers.

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7 Signs of Effective Security Awareness Training

Before you offer security awareness training to your employees or customers, read our guide to see what a security aware culture is, what effective training really means, and how to accomplish this.
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