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Hook Security is a cyber behavior company providing businesses and their workforce an empowering “edutainment” social engineering training experience focused on de risking and mitigating liability.

We believe cyber security is too serious to take seriously, therein the “edutainment” feel to our system, so employees are coached and entertained into safer behaviors rather than lectured.


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We continue to cast out to de risk and mitigate your company while empowering your workforce to not take the bait.

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Security awareness is an umbrella term that falls over understanding the threats faced by our information assets and the approaches required to defend them. Cybersecurity awareness is knowing what threats face you in the digital arena and taking the proper steps to guard against them.

To put it as simply as possible, your business's safety relies on cybersecurity awareness. To an ever-growing number of businesses, data (from financial figures to client information) is a vital part of regular operations. Allowing it to be compromised or stolen could deal your business a mortal blow. Your organization needs not only to invest in cybersecurity tools but also ensure that all members of your team have effective training on the subject.

Cybersecurity training is often tailored to suit the weaknesses exposed in your information security system by an adverse incident. For full effectiveness, though, you need an ongoing program that broadly covers a range of potential security threats. Getting regular training well help maintain full awareness and keep security concerns at the top of your staff member's minds.

Today, the number of employees who can't benefit from cybersecurity training is rapidly shrinking to zero. Any team member who uses internet-enabled devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones) for any work-related purpose could potentially create vulnerabilities without the right training.

Phishing is a cyber-attack category that covers any attempt to collect sensitive information in which the perpetrator disguises their identity. Phishers will impersonate government officials, corporate partners, or even members of your own organization while attempting to get team members to divulge information. Phishing can be done through email, text messages, or phone calls.

Phishing emails are structured to look like official communications from the falsified sender. They usually as for personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or account access credentials (e.g. passwords).

Where many phishing attacks are sent to a random selection of would-be victims, sometimes phishers target a specific organization or individual. This is referred to as "spear phishing." While data theft is the most common goal of phishing and spearfishing, sometimes the goal is to install malicious software on the target's computer or network.

To protect your organization from phishing threats, you need a two-part security solution. Technological tools which improve the overall security of your email system help; you also need effective training so that all email users recognize the dangers.

Targeting is the key difference between ordinary phishing and spearfishing. Where general phishing emails rely on landing in a huge number of inboxes, spearfishing emails are crafted to be as tempting as possible to a single recipient.


Acts of fraud in which the fraudulent individual pretends to be a reputable person or entity through various communication channels including email are referred to as phishing attacks. The emails sent by the fraudster usually contain dangerous attachments or links that are capable of extracting important account information or login credentials, among others, from unsuspecting victims.

Since it is more challenging for a fraudster to break through a computer’s security measures than it is for them to trick individuals into opening and/or clicking malicious links contained in phishing emails that appear to be genuine, cybercriminals are quite fond of it.

Email and a variety of electronic communication channels among them, instant messaging, direct messages sent via social networks and SMS text messages, are some of the main social networking techniques used by phishing attackers.

Cyber Security
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The human element is seen as one of the most significant vulnerabilities in any internet security set up; regardless of whether you use anti-virus solutions, numerous firewalls and advanced passwords among other security features to safeguard your organization. All these tools will be used by your employees at the end of the day. Whether it is through careless behavior, negligence or mistakes, they may end up compromising the effectiveness of these tools if they are not trained on how to use them.

These attackers are well aware of this fact. Their approach targets an organization’s employees. Human weaknesses are exploited by phishing emails and other tools. An organization, including its entire cyber network, can be compromised using a simple phishing email. 

By focusing directly on this human element, internet security awareness is aimed at resolving this issue. Organizations are experiencing a rise in cyber security attacks. Organizations suffered losses nearing 2.7 billion dollars in 2018 as a result of cyber attacks. With this in mind, the importance of cyber security awareness cannot be stressed further. Your business can avoid suffering exorbitant losses in the future by adopting awareness and training programs in a timely fashion.



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