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Security Awareness Training

IT Service Providers use Hook Security’s full-service PsySec™ security awareness training to save time, grow revenues, and become heroes to their customers.

Reduce the risk of phishing while creating a security-aware culture

Hook Security was designed from day one to flip the security awareness training industry on its head by providing effective training experiences that target a new part of the brain. This neuroscience-driven approach actually trains all users to recognize and respond to manipulation by technology. We deliver the training end-to-end, thereby eliminating wasted time and energy of our partners having to implement this new training approach.

How Our Training Works

Our PsySec™ training involves three major components: Testing, Training, and Reporting

Phishing Emails That the Bad guys use

Each month, our training specialists deploy real-life custom simulated phishing attacks to sharpen employee awareness of social engineering threats.

Our Phishing Testing

Training at the Point of Infraction (POI)

If employees click on the simulated phishing email, they are redirected to a landing page with a short, funny, but educational video along with tips on how to spot and avoid phishing emails in the future.

Our Training Approach

Automated, Actionable Reporting

We send out behavioral data reports, and continually provide valuable feedback and support to broaden cybersecurity awareness. Learn who your security rockstars are, and who needs little more help.

Creating a Security-Aware Culture

Positive Training

Our training is based on a foundation of positivity, leading with fun and encouragement rather fear and negativity.

Improved Security

Not only will employees naturally keep the company safe, they’ll be excited to keep you safe because of the positivity that the new culture provides.

Train Over Time

After 12 months of training, employees are 70% less likely to fall prey to a phishing attack.

Average cost of a data breach (IBM)
of successful breaches start with phishing
Less likely to fall for a phishing attack after 12 months of training

Partner Driven, Channel Obsessed

Hook Security is channel-only, providing security awareness training exclusively through our partners.

  • Done-For-You Training
  • Partner Training
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Marketing Support

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