Security Awareness Training

Equip your employees with a solid understanding of phishing, scams, malware, social engineering, physical security and more while giving them the ability to recognize and respond to cyber threats in the workplace

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Effective Security Awareness Training for Employees

Ongoing Training

We've combined annual and monthly approaches into one program, which allows for continuous learning creating best practices and good habits.

Designed for Compliance

Our security awareness training is designed to increase an organization's cybersecurity compliance and maturity, meeting standards like NIST and CMMC.

Test, Train, Report

We combine our training with monthly phishing testing and actionable reporting to increase an organization's security awareness.

How Our Training Works

PsySec™ Security Awareness Training consists of two programs: PsySec Essentials, an annual training course, & PsySec Deep Dives, a monthly program unpacking and explaining security topics in a whole new way.

PsySec™ Essentials

Establish a baseline knowledge for your employees, and bring new employees up to speed.

PsySec™ Essentials is an annual training course that touches on each area of security an employee should know for the year. Topics include phishing, passwords, working remotely, and more.

PsySec™ Deep Dives

Unpack and explain a different subject each month in a fun, engaging way.

With PsySec™ Deep Dives, each month an employee will receive a single-video course diving deep into a single area of security. These videos take topics that are often hard to grasp and make them accessible and memorable to all employees.

Creating a Security-Aware Culture

Positive Training

Our training is based on a foundation of positivity, leading with fun and encouragement rather than fear and negativity.

Improved Security

Not only will employees naturally keep the company safe, they’ll be excited to keep you safe because of the positivity that the new culture provides.

Train Over Time

After 12 months of training, employees are 70% less likely to fall prey to a phishing attack.

Designed for Compliance

Our PsySec training is designed to train all employees in order to increase an organization's cybersecurity compliance and maturity. Hook Security has positioned this course to satisfy the following common Compliance Standards and Controls:

  • CMMC / Awareness & Training / CO11, CO12 / Maturity Level 3 Target
  • NIST 800-171 / 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3
  • NIST 800-53 / AT2(1) - AT3
Average cost of a data breach (IBM)
of successful breaches start with phishing
Less likely to fall for a phishing attack after 12 months of training

Reduce the Risk of Phishing Attacks

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