Security Awareness Training

7 Signs You Should Invest in Phishing Training

Phishing training is only one aspect of security awareness training, but it’s arguably the most important cybersecurity training you can deliver to your employees. Not only is it a relatively simple concept to understand, but it’s also the most likely form of attack your employees will see regularly. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to invest in phishing training for your organization.

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The 3 Golden Rules of Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training helps your employees reinforce security best practices. A well-designed security awareness training program changes their behavior and attitude toward cyber threats. Here are the 3 Golden Rules for any Security Awareness Training program.

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Why Phishing Awareness Training is Not About Tricking Your Employees

If you want to teach employees how to recognize phishing emails, you need to show them how, not shame them for their lack of knowledge. Here’s why. 

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