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Huawei Gets Hit With 1 Million Cyberattacks Per Day

The Chinese tech giant of Huawei has suffered quite a few attacks from the United States, but that's not the only front it's fighting on. One company executive claims that Huawei gets hit with 1 million cyberattacks per day. Security chief John Suffolk says that its networks and computers are under siege all of the time.Suffolk suggested to Japanese media that the emphasis of the attacks are attempted theft of IP. This seems logical given how Huawei is the global leader in terms of 5G network innovations. The company also files more patents than anyone around the globe. However, some cyberattacks are thought by the company to not be purely IP-theft attempts, but work of the United States government, which it accuses of conducting a campaign against them. Huawei's allegations against the United States include accusations of American law enforcement enticing, coercing, and threatening both current and former employees.Suffolk did not elaborate personally on where the attacks came from each day, although he did point out that nearly all of them are warded off. However, some attacks that target older systems are more successful in getting through.Huawei is hardly the only company facing phishing attempts and business email compromise attacks. These days, such attempts typically employ social engineering to lure employees into visiting fake websites, looking at clips on social media, or installing attachments. These typically involve malware or malicious code that can sneak into a company's system.Even though the company has cybersecurity allegations of its own, Suffolk reiterated that Huawei doesn't have any known compromises or tangible backdoors. He went on to say that the company strives to work with all its clients in shoring up any cyber defenses that they have in place.If your business is worried about or even already dealing with phishing or cyberattacks, contact us right away. We can provide you the tools and training you need to protect your company, its assets, and its interests.

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