Hookmail is our new age cybersecurity and behavior training platform. We utilize current strategies used by the real “bad guys” to phish your client’s employees. When they click on our emails, they are redirected to an entertaining video to train them and make them more cyber-aware without fear of harsh scolding and punishment.

The Human Firewall

The Cost of Phishing

The human element is often the weakest component in a company’s security, and attackers exploit this fact. Phishing attacks are on the rise and are more sophisticated than ever. The average cost of a phishing attack to a mid sized company is S 1.6 million.

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Defend Against Changing Threats

Having layered levels of defense is critical to an effective information security program. Blacklisting a site or IP address is ineffective to defend against phishing attacks. Having educated employees is a key part of an effective security strategy.

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Testing & Training

Testing and training are needed to improve your human firewall. A great way to improve your business’ resiliency against phishing attacks is to train and test your employees with this threat vector.

The HookMail Process

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Your least trained employees are your weakest link. We take a deep dive into your organization and assess potential vulnerabilities. We take the time to provide educational training to all of your employees through our fun and engaging cybersecurity awareness training.


We deploy real life custom simulated phishing attacks to sharpen your employees’ awareness of social engineering threats. Telling someone what a phishing attack looks like is not nearly as effective as having them fall for it themselves, but in a safe, learning environment.

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Analyze & Report

We send out behavioral data reports, and continually provide valuable feedback and support to broaden cybersecurity awareness. Being able to see your weaknesses and address them gives business owners the best chance to defend against cyber attacks.

Full Service Training

Our cyber experts handle the entire process from setup, building custom templates, deploying the emails, tracking the data, and reporting, while also making it fun so that your employees’ stay engaged.

People Get

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Integrated Behavioral Reporting

Properly UX designed reporting for management and executive teams to help better understand employee behaviors and potential risks .

Behavior Data Reports

Our cyber experts provide monthly data reports on cyber behaviors with valuable feedback to trend improvement

On Demand Training

Fake phishing emails sent to your employees each month with viral video micro-learning

We continue to cast out to de risk and mitigate your company while empowering your workforce to not take the bait.

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See Things That Others Miss

Organizations get hacked, and we are all at risk. We believe companies can survive and thrive after a cyber attack, but unfortunately they’re going about it all wrong. Companies are spending a ton of money building cyber security fortresses, only to have it breached as soon as one employee clicks on an email they shouldn’t have. Companies should be focused on speed to recovery and reducing liability – not building expensive cyber security fortresses.

Entrust your organization to recognize phishing attacks. Take proactive measures, so you can spend less time worrying about cybersecurity and more time building your successful business.

Now You See It.

The Hookmail Philosophy

When you provide our training platform to your customers, we do all the work on the backend. Hook Security handles all of the onboarding and setup, creates the simulations, deploys the simulations, sends the behavioral reports to you, and provides ongoing support. As a Certified Partner, you simply handle the customer relationship, quoting, ordering, and renewal.

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Edutainment = Education + Entertainment

Hook Security is leading the charge in creating training that is effective, yet fun. We help you create a culture of awareness rather than fear.

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Phishing Testing &
Awareness Training

Each month we phish your employees and deliver actionable results and insights with easy to understand reporting

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Phishing Simulations

Fake phishing simulations are sent monthly that provide employees real world phishing scenarios to their inbox.

Partner With Our Company

Hook Security provides phishing training and awareness to our channel partners in addition to several other perks & benefits

More Phishing Phacts

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Average financial cost of a data breach. (IBM)

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Of cyber attacks target small business.

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of incidents and breaches include a phishing element.

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Of malware is installed via malicious email attachments.

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Less likely to fall for a phishing attempt after 12 months of training.

An untrained employee is your weakest link and greatest vulnerability to cyber attacks, phishing incidents, and data breaches. We can give them the necessary tools and knowledge to avoid these catastrophic attacks.

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