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Phishing Attack Leads To Possible Data Breach At Delta Dental Of Arizona

There was a possible data breach at Delta Dental of Arizona recently due to a phishing attack. They released a notice that an employee apparently fell victim to this phishing scheme, allowing entry into personal information of clients and employers with the employee's email account. At this time there is no evidence that anyone's personal information was actually retrieved in the event, but to ensure that all customers can be aware of the possibility, notices were sent to those that might have been affected.Breaches of this nature affect millions of consumers each year. In this case, like others, some extremely sensitive personal information may have been accessible by those that were able to hack into the email account. This information includes name, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, insurance information, payment information, such as debit and credit card numbers and more. Unfortunately, when this information is accessed it can lead to identity theft.Due to this breach Delta Dental of Arizona is offering all of those that may be affected free credit monitoring as well as identity restoration services through Experian, one of the top credit reporting bureaus in the country. It also recommends that anyone that receives notification to check their credit reports diligently in order to identify any possible errors. Another option is a security freeze, which can prevent credit being taken out in their name, however, taking this action can delay or stop individuals from obtaining various types of credit including loans, mortgages and other situations in which credit reports are pulled. Another options is putting a fraud alert on your accounts which requires creditors to take extra steps to identify the individual before credit is extended.If you believe you have become a victim of this breach or any type of identity fraud it is best to contact your local police department so that an investigation into the matter can begin.If you're looking into cybersecurity awareness training for your employees, contact us today.Source:

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