Acme Tech Co., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a leading developer and global supplier of innovative high-speed, world-class cloud infrastructure platform application solutions to worldwide global 2000 customers in all industries. Acme’s big data application infrastructure platform solutions are highly scalable, reliable, flexible, and powerful. Built by a world-class team that possesses in-depth understanding of applicable global communication standards, software and hardware expertise in design, architecture and development of standard-based, open, social, IoT, mobile, wireless, container-enabled, distributed, hyper-converged computing systems, our technology leverages existing investments to create solutions which deliver high levels of performance, ROI and value to the business.

And we never, ever click on phishing emails.


What's this?

An email for a free gift card!

Wait....Wait...uhoh...That may have been a phishing email...

We are saddened to announce the immediate closure of Acme Tech Co.

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