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Who We Are

Hook Security is a cyber behavior company providing businesses and their workforce an empowering “edutainment” social engineering training experience focused on de-risking and mitigating liability.

We believe cyber security is too serious to take seriously, therein the “edutainment” feel to our system, so employees are coached and entertained into safer behaviors rather than lectured.


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Hook-Security is a cyber behavior company focused on the habits of employees being tricked by hackers through email and de-risking company’s liability. Click below to get five FREE email simulations!



Company Profile

Cyber behaviors. It is our focal point. Unlocking your employees cyber agility.


During Adam and Brad’s many trips to the Clemson University Golf course, the subject of their friends and business buddies who were getting hacked through their business email accounts was a regular topic. It was crazy how over time so many of our family members, good friends, and business associates had been a victim to a hack. All were tricked and fooled, companies were affected, time, and money were lost. We set out to find a solution that keeps today’s workforce off the hook! We view our system as a better tool to address behavior, akin to what Buckminster Fuller said, “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, given them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

Hook Security was born to be a true cyber behavioral partner to each client. We understand how to provide valuable training and data that empowers employees and companies to stand up against cyber threats by improving behaviors. Our white glove service was built to take all the leg work out of understanding your workforce’s tendancies. Leave the obsession to Hook Security and watch your company strengthen.

Companies and their workforce are under attack. Cyber criminals are coming at businesses of every size. Companies with and estimated over 50k in compromised records, the average cost of a data breach is $6.3 million. It is estimated that 71% of cyber breaches begin with a spear phishing emails. An estimated 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. This means businesses are using expensive cyber technologies that are breached as soon as someone in the company clicks on something they should not have in an email.



You get speed of recovery and reduction of liability by having the right policies in place.

1. Why is white-glove training important?

Go back to being awesome and leave the cyber behaviors, phishing simulations, training, and reporting up to Hook Security. Our white-glove system coupled with our cyber experts and account reps is a recipe for very minimal staff time expended. It’s like a guided phishing trip, and we even bait the hook and take off the phish with white gloves.

2. What do I get with HookMail?
  • Lawyer Reviewed Company Email Policy Document
    • We get your company & employees on the same page and provide the know-how when it comes to protecting against cyber threats.
  • On-demand Fake Phishing Emails with 60 Second Viral Videos with Micro-learning
    • We send fake phishing emails to your employees for real-world awareness training each month. If someone clicks on the link, they are sent to a 60 second viral video with micro-learning.
  • Monthly Data and Real Time Feedback Reports Showing Employee’s Behaviors
    • Our cyber experts provide monthly data reports on the cyber behaviors of your employees to provide valuable feedback to trend improvement.
3. Why should I care about phishing?

Safeguard your organization from phishing attacks.

HookMail keeps your organization and employees on their guard for phishing attacks by building awareness raising exercises into staff training. HookMail is planned and orchestrated phishing email simulations sent to your employees that gives insights into your organizations behaviors. This on-demand training and conditioning builds an active line of defense for your business.

4. How can my company reduce liability?
  • The Right Email Policies In Place
  • Raising Awareness Of Risk With Your Employees And Organization
  • Generate Reports That Track Behaviors

What People Say

“When Hook sent our staff the hook mail test, only one person passed the test, and it wasn’t me. I knew we needed help then. Thanks to Hook and their great team, we are more aware of the cyber risks and we feel empowered to safely open or not open the wrong emails.”

Ridge Media CEO

"My employees click on everything, so I built a company to train them."

Hook-Security CEO


Hook Security Diagram

We continue to cast out HookMail with real-world evolving “lures” to broaden cybersecurity awareness within the organization.


Meet Our Team

Hook-Security is a cyber behavior company focused on the habits of employees being tricked by hackers through email and de-risking company’s liability.

Brad Powell


Adam Anderson